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Thank you for your interest in joining the Society for Vocational Psychology. The purpose of our Section is to improve the physical and mental health of individuals and organizations around the world by advancing knowledge of vocational psychology and improving career intervention practice. We work to encourage, promote and facilitate contributions to research, teaching, and practice, and to further public interest in vocational psychology and career interventions. We are an active Section within the Counseling Psychology Division (17) of the American Psychological Association and membership is open to all members of Division 17. Our Section operates by a consensus of its members and we are committed to advancing the human rights of all people regardless of race, sexual orientation, class, nationality, ethnicity, age, disability, or religious orientation.

All Fellows and members of Division 17 are eligible to join SVP as members. Members are eligible to vote in SVP elections, hold an elected or appointed office in SVP, and serve on SVP committees.

Students and professionals who have an interest in the purpose of the Society but do not hold membership in Division 17 are eligible to join our Section as an affiliate. Professional Affiliates are not eligible for elected office in SVP but they are eligible to vote in Section elections, to hold an appointed office and to serve on committees and task forces. All students belonging to APAGS or the Division 17 SAG (Student Affiliate Group) are eligible to join SVP as a Student Affiliate. Student Affiliates are eligible for election to the SVP Board as a Student Representative, to vote in Section elections, to hold appointed offices, and to serve on committees and task forces.


Thank you for your interest in the Society for Vocational Psychology.

Nimrod Levin | University of Lausanne

Research Center in Vocational Psychology and Career Counseling (CePCO)

Institute of Psychology | Faculty of Social and Political Sciences



Just email Nimrod Levin ( the following information.

  1. Your Name:

  2. Membership Desired (Student Affiliate, Professional Affiliate, or Member)

  3. Highest Degree Completed

  4. Address

  5. Phone Number

  6. E-mail Address

  7. A brief statement of your Vocational Psychology interests

For nearly 20 years, SVP has provided me with a sense of community and engagement within the larger organizations of APA and the Society for Counseling Psychology. SVP members are very collegial, meetings are energizing, and I love the opportunities to learn and be inspired by the great research and intervention projects people are engaged in. Many members share common interests in issues of diversity and justice; this has been a great home base throughout my career.

Ellen McWhirter, Ph.D., Past SVP Chair

As a first year doctoral student, conferences were often quite overwhelming. However, those feelings changed when I was fortunate enough to attend the SVP conference in Coimbra and found it completely invigorating to learn about the tremendous amount of career development work taking place around the world. I immediately felt welcomed and appreciated and knew then that I had found my professional home. Over the last two years, SVP has facilitated the growth of my professional network and I am continually grateful that I've had the opportunity to get to know so many wonderful individuals that have served as role models and helped guide my development as a student in vocational psychology.

Eleanor Castine, Former Student Rep

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