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Summer 2022 Webinar: The Evolution of Vocational Psychology in the 2020s: Student Responses to Crises and Opportunities

The webinar provides a forum for the exchange of research and ideas on selected topics at the forefront of vocational psychology, from the perspective of graduate students. The presenters and their presentations included Bobbi Villarreal, Responding to Opportunities in 2020: A Preliminary Examination of Relationships Between Athletic Identity, Career Exploration Behaviors, and Career Transition Readiness;  Alexa Jayne, Imposter Phenomenon and Calling; Hannah Ahmad Ridzuan, Career Resilience of BIPOC Individuals While Facing Racial Aggressions in the US; and  XiYue (Shirley) Wu, Old Would That Sits Around: The Racial Trauma Experience of East Asian American Women in the Workplace.

Spring 2022 Webinar: Hot Topics and Methodological Developments in Vocational Psychology


Editors of the four of the top career development/vocational psychology journals Drs. Nadya Fouad (Journal of Vocational Behavior), Lisa Flores (Journal of Career Development), Paul Hartung (Career Development Quarterly), and Pat Garriott (Journal of Career Assessment) respond to a series of questions posed by the moderators. The questions deal with substantive research or theoretical topics that have been "hot" in the recent past or are so now; major methodological developments that are influencing vocational psychology research; thoughts on how the field's intellectual base may evolve over the foreseeable future; selected implications for practice suggested by recent research; and advice for students and early career professionals who wish to publish in vocational journals.

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