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Symposium: Focused sessions in which multiple participants present their views about a common theme, issue or question. Symposia will constitute 60-75 minutes, with separate presentations on a conference-relevant topic followed by interactive discussion with the audience.

Roundtable: Roundtable presenters will present on a conference relevant topic for 30 minutes in a small, discussion-based environment. Tables will accommodate approximately 8-10 attendees including presenters and multiple roundtable presentations will occur in the same room simultaneously. Each roundtable presentation will be presented 2 times consecutively.

Poster: Poster presentations will use a traditional tri-fold, free-standing poster to display information or research relevant to the conference theme. Presenters should be available to answer questions and elaborate on poster content during the poster session.

All proposals received by the proposal due date through the appropriate email submission will be reviewed by the Program Proposal Review Committee. Criteria considered will include:

  • Relevance to Conference Theme

  • Inclusion of content relevant to Vocational Psychology in the following domains:

    • Theory

    • Research

    • Practice

    • Teaching

    • Policy

Proposals should be submitted through the submission portal (BELOW). Upon submission of presentation proposal information, you will receive a summary of the information entered and the option to save as a PDF. We strongly suggest initially creating and saving your proposal information in a Word document and cutting and pasting that information into the submission system.

Proposals must be submitted by 11:59 pm PDT on Friday, October 27, 2017. You will receive an email regarding the acceptance or declination of your proposal by December 15, 2018. Any questions about the proposal can be directed to the presentation proposal chair, Patrick Rottinghaus, Ph.D. at

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