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Concurrent Symposia


II-1     Personal Globe Inventory (PGI): A New Way of Assessing and Presenting Interests and Self-Efficacy

Terence J. G. Tracey, Chun Tao, Kimberly Borenstein-Mauss, & Richard Wong, Arizona State University


II-2    Facilitating Career Decision Making: Assessment of Antecedents, Consequences, and Outcome

Itamar Gati, The Hebrew University

Viktoria Kulcsar, Bolyai University

Nimrod Levin, The Hebrew University


Concurrent Roundtables


II-a   The Impact of Family on Chinese Emerging Adults’ Educational and Vocational Transitions

Zi Chen, Boston University

Weiyi Xie, Hong Kong University


II-b   Timeline Perspective of the Work-Family Interface - Critical Transitions and Suggested Intervention

Rachel Gali Cinamon, Tel Aviv University


II-c    Is Silence A Virtue?: Changing the Conversation on Undocumented Students

Marie C. Adams & J. Y. Cindy Kim, University of Iowa


II-d    Examining the Relationship between Social Class and Career Development

Dylan Ryan Richard & Melanie Leuty, University of Southern Mississippi


II-e    Promoting Student Success for Prospective First-Generation Students

Neeta Kantamneni & Tara Warner, University of Nebraska-Lincoln


II-f     The First-Generation College Student Experience: New Conceptual and Methodological Directions

Pat Garriott, Helen Chao, Eve Faris, Joseph Galluzzo, Courtney Hadjeasgari, & Mackenzie Jessen, University of Denver

II-g    Vocational Identity & Risk-Immersed Youth: Integrating Career Construction and Psychology of Working

Sean Flanagan & Jonathan F. Zaff, Boston University

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