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Concurrent Symposia

VIII-1 Vocational Psychology and the Shifting Labor Market: A Debate About Transitions in Our Field

Saba R. Ali & Samantha D. Brown, University of Iowa

Lisa Y. Flores, University of Missouri–Columbia


VIII-2 Connecting cognitive information processing theory, research, & practice to career transitions

Emily Bullock-Yowell, University of Southern Mississippi

Debra Osborn, Florida State University

Seth Hayden, Wake Forest University

Janet Lenz & James Sampson, Jr., Florida State University


Concurrent Roundtables

VIII-a Exploring the Career Futures of Underrepresented Individuals

Logan Vess, John Carroll University

Patrick Rottinghaus, Jason Edwards, & Keely Alexander, University of Missouri–Columbia


VIII-b Transitions: Career Issues for Transgender Youth and Adults

Sue Motulsky, Division of Counseling Psychology, Lesley University

Kimberly Howard, Boston University


VIII-c Color(sighted): Dialogues on Interdisciplinary Approaches to Racial Awareness for Students of Color

J. Y. Cindy Kim, & Marie C. Adams , University of Iowa


VIII-d Microaggressions and Work Volition: Ethnic Identity as a Moderator

Laura Reid Marks & Jennifer Yeoward, University of Memphis

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